Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tulips and More

As you can see, my tulips are finally blooming! These little spots of colour are just what we needed to brighten up the front yard. The white Parrot tulips emerged first, followed by the Queen of the Night and Purple Parrots. I have a fondness for the Purple Parrots myself, but they like the young Delphinium in the last photo appear to need staking! It is exceedingly difficult to take photos of the front garden bed without getting a glimpse of the hideous red fence next door, as well as the ill-placed gas meter located in the very center! If I could change anything about our front yard right now, it would be that fence and the gas meter. Luckily, I planted a large grouping of traditional cottage plants such as Foxglove, Canterbury Bells, Peony Poppies, Lilies, Delphinium and Larkspur, which I hope will disguise the gas meter problem.

Also, the lilies are beginning to emerge. I had forgotten how many we've actually planted, and in a few months everything is going to be in full effect. Let's just hope everything fits with the current 'cool' palette I've attempted to establish there. If there are any red lilies in this bed, they will be yanked out and re-located!

We also spent this weekend weeding the bed along the driveway. It clearly needs more work, but it looks much nicer than before. I also lined the bed with stones to help visually separate it from the rest of the yard. I wanted something more 'cottagey' to make a little fence with, but there are no hazel trees near by to make wattle from, so stones will have to do!

The Comfrey returned with a vengeance, and is now beginning to bloom. Comfrey is a utilitarian plant which functions as a cheap source of chicken food, mulch, bandages and can be brewed into a tea to help the lungs. It divides the rose bed from the medicinal plants.

The Husband welded and installed this Scorpion in the front yard aussi. I don't know how 'cottagey' Scorpy is, but he definitely makes a statement!

Seedlings are emerging in the first garden bed; these are mostly carrots, kale and collards. All the little plants in pots are our main vegetable crops waiting to be planted in the new beds! We have so many we will most likely end up giving half of them away. We are growing Artichoke, Rhubarb and a ton of Brassicas: Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Brussel Sprouts. All we need is dirt. Payday can't come soon enough!

This is the second bed which has climbers like Scarlet Runner Beans, Sugar Snap Peas, Fava
Beans and Cucumber beginning to grow!


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