Friday, November 4, 2011


Cold weather is upon us once again, which means that it is time to plant some garlic! 

After our biggest garlic harvest EVER, it feels good to know that we've closed the loop entirely on this simple (yet all-important) ingredient. Our success with the harvest can be credited to our winter hoop houses and lots of chicken manure; key components to the largest garlic bulbs we've ever grown.

Garlic growing this Summer
While we do grow more than the three varieties listed below, this is all I've managed to plant. The Husband and I enjoy the hot varieties best, but there is really something to be said for the sweet, full-bodied flavors found in the more mild varieties.

Your humble Cottager's much sought after identity is finally revealed! Oh, and I have some garlic!

Here is some information relating to the varieties grown at the Tiny Green Cottage. 

Ontario Purple Trillium  (“OPT”)
  •  Heirloom
  • Early to mature, sturdy stalks, large bulbs
  • Very hot! 
Softneck (easier to braid)
Oregon Blue
  • Northwest Heirloom
  • High yielding, blue-purple bulb wrappers, stores well
  • Hot!
  • Old-world variety
  • Winter hardy. Great for braiding. Ready in early Summer.
  • Rich and hot. Maintains heat after roasting.
Eventually, I'd like to swap other varieties with some garlic aficionados. If you have a variety to recommend, I'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Updates for May 2011


A long overdue update from this weary Cottager, who has been busy with everything *other* than gardening.

In-between massive construction updates to the Cottage itself (mostly related to insulation and heating and cooling systems), I have also completed my graduate degree in Library Science. I'm thrilled to be done of course, and am definitely ready for some time in the garden!

The vegetable garden feels horrible neglected this year---I have yet to seed my beets and all of my chard and edible flowers, but things are gradually coming together as time allows. I have already mowed the lawn twice this year, so not everything has been flung to the wayside.

Here is a taste of something rather new at the T.G.C; our Cayuga ducklings, Pomona and Ophelia who turn one month this week!

The girls just love swimming in our bathtub and eating baby spinach greens. They have also learned to quack as of this morning!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ides of March

To think that I have not written in this blog since November is just appalling! But here I am in mid-March, finally making my first post of the New Year!

Much has happened in the garden since then, including projects big and small. In no particular order; we are starting seeds in sunny windows; brassicas, peppers and tomatoes, smothering grass with landscaping fabric, building a new chicken coop and preparing the house for some major updates including insulation and a new heating system!

Now is the time of year when the rain seems perpetual and the yard is a muddy mess. No matter how barren the yard seems now, I sometimes need to remind myself that in a matter of months everything will change once again!

Herb Garden, July 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Visit to the Seaside

We visited Seaside, Oregon last week and took some photos of a beautiful garden belonging to two of our friends. They live in a converted school house built in the 1900's surrounded by rabbits, acreage, and flowers!   Near their house is a beautiful park and a creek. The weather was more than accommodating that day, and gave us one last glimpse of beautiful, October sun.

Wild bunnies roam free near the house.

Our friends have a lovely fenced garden to keep out the native wildlife!

I was very impressed by Linda's hand-fashioned bean tepee. This is very cottage!  I want to create something similar.

Their Poultry roam with the rabbits

A nice view of the garden and the barn. Linda said her beans and cucumbers did best this past year. Hardly anyone has had much luck with squash and tomatoes.
Some native Oregon wildlife..
This stream runs on the west side of the property and was very full from the rain the night before. I had fun wandering past it, imagining what sort of plants I would grow along the banks had it belonged to me.

These chickens are living the life!
We decided to go for a walk in the park.

I loved these old trees which were dripping with moss.

Banana Slug!

Cute bridge across a stream

We later wandered back to Mike and Linda's house and ate some of these gorgeous apples for breakfast!

These lovely roses grow near the apple trees

This bunny was very bold. He was not afraid to get close for a photo!

And these little babies were just the sweetest.

I want bunnies!

I later found this Red-Belly Newt in a stream. He was like a little dragon!