Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Our three main beds are really beginning to take off. I think they look beautiful. We grew a lot of heirloom seed varieties this year, particularly beans and squash. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

So, our dirt order arrived and included three extra yards to boot! We are finding creative ways to appropriate it into the landscape. As you can see, the main crops are finally in place. The Husband is exceedingly proud of his compost heap, so there is a photo of that too. Behold the lovely brown leaf matter we've procured so early on in the season! Yes, there is good reason to celebrate. Between the leaf mold and the 'Worms in a Cup' from Portland Nursery, our compost will be the envy of all.
Also note the wooden obelisk created by The Husband: we plan to train the Scarlet Runner beans and some Sweet Peas around it. And maybe a Clematis. Who knows?

Thanks to the extra yardage, we now have a pumpkin patch smack-dab in the part of the yard we were hoping to hard scape. Since that isn't going to happen right away, we might as well get some food out of that spot. Other exciting dirt plans involve amending existing soil beds and filling holes. Yes, this is a charmed life.

Facing the street, we have a semi-neglected corner consisting of ivy, a rhododendron, and some vining plant with berries the birds just love. The Husband tidied up this part of the yard in preparation for a bird bath and some shade plants. My little statue will fill the space until we get the bird bath.

Over the weekend, a tragedy befell our Saint Francis statue who stands as sentry near our front door: he was cleaved in two by our unwieldy garden hose.

Meanwhile, I was making a non-essential run to Portland Nursery (I told myself I was purchasing just one plant--a Delphinium to replace the one that was so carelessly uprooted the other day). I came home with a new Delphinium of course, as well as Aconite (Monkshood), Heliotrope, Flowering Nicotiana, and two Trailing Lobelia. Saint Francis was repaired just in time.


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