Saturday, May 16, 2009

Valentina's Nest

Our Australorp Valentina escaped her coop and decided that the storage shed we use to keep the hen feed and bale straw in was a far more suitable place for egg-laying. She made quite a fuss about getting the nest 'just right', and tested several different possible sites before settling on a space situated between the Rubbermaid bin and the straw!! She also ran back and forth between the nest in the shed and the nest box in the coop, testing their worthiness.
This weekend we will finish up our chicken gate. Pictures are in a not-so-exciting place right now, but I'll have updates soon. I painted the fence green to match the chicken coop and I stapled the poultry netting to one side, so we are almost done.
Today I purchased a Bay Leaf plant at the Farmers Market. I guess those grow really well here in Portland. I want it to grow big so I can make a Bay Leaf Topiary! :)


Joanne said...

Hi Thanks for following Joanne's Cottage Garden. I hope you enjoy my informal cottage affect. I see by your header picture and name ofyour post that cottage gardening is close to your heart.
I have no livestock in my garden which is something I always wanted but my husband a vegetarian is flatly against the idea.
I look forward to watching how your garden progresses

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