Sunday, February 7, 2010

Raised Bed Project for the Front Yard is Now Complete!

Hello, Everyone!

Readers may remember we began the planning stages for a grouping of raised beds for our front yard back in December. The purpose of these beds would be to eliminate mowing area, create curb appeal, and to also have additional 'real estate' for a lot of our early Spring crops such as spinach, lettuce, kale and peas!

We started this project in late January, and due to cooperative winter weather,  I can now proudly declare this project as done!

Here are a handful of images which demonstrate everything we accomplished.

 This was the original view of the house from the street. Fairly anticlimactic, yes?

 This is a side view of the yard. Not a lot to see, just grass and the neighbor's ugly red fence!

You can see how my front flower bed extended into the front lawn.

 We took some measurements and bought the necessary amounts of wood from our local lumber yard on 52nd Ave, hauling everything home in one trip with my Sedan!

Once things got going, it was surprising how quickly the beds came together. It only took one day to assemble all of the beds and put them in place.

We braced the center bed to help it hold shape whilst moving it around.

Then the real fun began!

This is an aerial view of the beds from my studio!


After a few final measurements, we let the digging commence!

One day, I came home from work to discover a huge mound of dirt in my driveway. How much? Five yards! Obviously, not all of it would be going into the front beds. We had some miscellaneous projects also.


Let the filling begin!


I bought all of these beautiful Pansies and Violets before the dirt delivery, and was eager to put them in place!


In the main bed, I planted Pansies, Violets, Tulips (in center), Kale, Two types of Lettuce Mix (French and Italian) and Spinach. I divided the bed into quarters and planted Chives in between each to visually divide one crop from the next. I think it will look fantastic once it fills in!

In two of the smaller beds, I planted Pansies, Chives and Cabbages!


In the two others, I planted Garlic and Swiss Chard which were transplants from our backyard garden. 


I really love purple flowers!

Here is a final shot of how the beds looked filled, along with the pea obelisk I built. The next step is to build additional beds along the fence to help disguise the uglies! Cannot wait!


Peggy said...

Very cool looking!

Urban Cottager said...

Thank you! It is a definite improvement!

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