Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Greening

Hello, Friends!

In the past week the flower beds and some of the plants have grown by leaps and bounds. I thought that I would take some photographs to document all of the growth we've had in this unusually warm February weather. The high for yesterday was 60 degrees (15.5 C)!

In addition to having plants shoot out of the dirt at break-neck speeds, we are installing a flagstone path for our front yard. With the help of our trusty roto-tiller and mounds of dirt, we hope to replace the concrete path which was smashed out well over a year ago with some lovely flagstone. I will be leaving deliberate gaps between the stones to drop seeds for creeping plants such as Corsican Mint or Mother-of-Thyme. Can't wait to have that project finally complete!

Here is a nice interior shot of the seeds germinating in peat pots inside of the greenhouse.

Sweet Peas and Calendula emerge!


And so do the Tri-Color Bush Beans!

We've also hand-tilled up the rear vegetable beds and planted heirloom garlic, nasturtiums and calendula around the borders.

Tiny pea seedlings emerge around the obelisk.



And our fig tree has new rings!

What is most exciting for me is the Rhubarb!


And the Sweet Peas!

I also discovered that this Voodoo Lily which was planted two years ago, decided to come up and say hello! I thought for certain it was killed in the severe ice storm we had in December, 2008.


This is the area in the front where we have roto-tilled and made preparations for the path to be installed.

We are lucky that it has not rained much.


The Husband is laying down mason line.

Meanwhile, look at how much the front flower beds have grown!


My Delphinium has returned..


As has the Aconite..

The Lilies...


And the ever-present Foxglove!

I think it is safe to say that Spring is officially in town!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It sounds like you've been busy too and taking advantage of this great weather. I love Corsican mint, that will be great around your pavers.
I was debating starting Sweet Peas and now that I see you have I think I will too. Isn't it great seeing all the perennials and bulbs popping up?!

Urban Cottager said...

I have a ridiculous amount of Sweet Peas going all over the yard, and they seem to be thriving in this climate. I say go for it! :)

I also love all of the bursts of green we are getting all around town, I may just get my first daffodil bloom today or tomorrow.

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