Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flagstone Path Project and Front Beds

It has been a busy few weekends!

This past Saturday and Sunday, we installed a  fifty foot flagstone path which extends from our front door to the street. We dug out and leveled the path mostly by hand, only using the rototiller for hard, rocky areas. Once the dirt was removed and relocated to random parts of the yard, we ordered gravel, tamped it into place and placed our flagstone.

 Our gravel order awaits!

After we placed our gravel, we laid out our flagstone and began to arrange the stones. It was similar to a very heavy and frustrating game of Tetris!

We selected a native basalt to use in the path as we felt it would blend in most convincingly with the area and would help 'age' the garden a bit.

 Once the foundation for the path was laid and covered in with gravel, we then proceeded to dig 18 inches into our front yard to create steps. This endeavor required an additional 600 pounds of rock.

These stairs are now level with the street, replacing the overgrown bricks and cinder blocks we recovered from the same area.

 After a hard rain, we pulled out tubs containing our dirt reserves and begun to fill over the gravel. We left a generous amount of space between each stone because we wanted to plant Irish Moss throughout with the hopes it will creep and weave, looking very charming and sweet. I hope to replicate the look of some of the churchyards I visited in Scotland and Ireland which had very ancient, worn stones in their garden pathways.

I also added new soil to the front herb beds and placed some stones recovered from all of these projects around the garden beds to form a nice, visible border.

Here is a nice shot of how the path looks from the street. We received many compliments from friends and neighbours throughout the process, which was just the reassurance we needed!

 Lastly, here is a nice view of the front beds with newly embedded flagstone and four extra pots! We are growing an heirloom garlic in these pots in addition to more pansies!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It turned out really nice! The Irish moss will look really pretty there.
I love the flames on the wheelbarrow!

Urban Cottager said...

Thanks so much! We already bought the Irish Moss, so we will see how quickly it fills in. The flames on the wheelbarrow are our friends doing. It is the fastest one on the block! ;)

John Gray said...

your cottage is so cute......I love wooden exteriors...our cotage is pure stone!!

Urban Cottager said...

Thank you for the nice compliment! I like the wood exterior, but I think a stone cottage would be wonderful too!

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