Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy April!

Hi Everyone-

Happy April!
We've been busy, as always!

As you can see, we've finally installed some white shutters on the front of the house. I think they look pretty nice! We are going to build new planter wooden boxes to go beneath the windows as the wire and coconut planters look bedraggled and messy over time. I think wood will look a lot nicer too!

 The next big thing for the front yard is to finish arranging my garden stones along the newly installed path. You can see where my project left off there to the right. I have a rubber hammer to set the stones into place, but I just need a dry day to make that happen!

Now that it is April, it is finally safe to plant the Dahlia tubers I've been holding on to since December! We plan on tilling a large strip in the front yard for a makeshift 'fence'. These tall-growing Dahlias will function as a decorative fence until we can install the Picket we've been wanting. Notice my stealth orange Dahlia among all of the purple and white! It will break things up nicely, I think!

Here are a few shots of things growing in the yard--as of last week!

The Greenhouse is going bonkers!

And the Favas and Yellow Onions are growing fast!

Year 2 of growing Rhubarb and it does not disappoint!

These pictures of my emerging Carrots and Radishes aren't that exciting, but it is good for me to know what things look like from year to year!


Things are really taking off in the herb beds. The Tarragon, Lavender, and Cat Nip are really growing.

And there is a lot going on in our front beds too!

I'm already getting Lilacs! I didn't get these until Mid-May last year.

The birds like to hang out in this Ivy...or at least, that is what I think it is. It has blue berries and glossy leaves. Does anyone know its name?

I've been busy in the kitchen too! I made Mozzarella and dyed our chicken eggs for an Easter egg hunt! 


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the shutters! A good reminder for me to get my Dahlias planted. You found so many pretty ones. We've had lots of wet weather here too, it feels almost like winter.

Urban Cottager said...

Thanks Catherine! I feel they are a large improvement. I'm happy they are finally in place!

You are right about it feeling like Winter, I haven't had much time to do anything outside, but the Spring vegetables love it.

We are getting a lot of wind also. I hope it isn't too rough on the Delphinium which are starting to get their 'legs'.


FlowerLady said...

I came over here from Catherine's blog, and I just love your cottage, the shutters are a nice touch, and your gardens are wonderful! I'll be checking back in here again. My DH and I live in a tiny cottage in s.e. FL, it's around 700 sq.ft.

Wow, you made cheese and your eggs look very cheery.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

Chandramouli S said...

The path is really good. Nice view from it. I see you're gonna be soooo busy with all those seedlings, this spring. Happy Gardening!

Urban Cottager said...

Wow, thanks for the compliments everyone! We are overwhelmed right now, but things should calm down once we give most of our seedlings away to our friends later this month. That should clear up a lot of space~!

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