Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Summer!

Many things are changing in the garden now, and the Potager and Herb Gardens are going full-force! We again have 'June Gloom' but that doesn't stop the garden from thriving!

The Borage which has naturalized has finally bloomed. I'm freezing the flowers in ice cubes!

Tomatillos are thriving despite all of the rain. I will make a massive batch of Salsa Verde when they ripen and we will eat like Kings throughout the winter!

Is this not the most darling head of Broccoli you've ever seen? We've had some problems with Aphids in the past, but this year doesn't seem as bad.

Jerusalem Artichoke.

Red and Yellow Onions.

Carrots and an Artichoke.

I love this shot of our Nasturtiums. You can pickle their seeds and substitute for capers. Just be sure to save some seeds for companion planting!

Happy Potager.

Poppy Pod.

The Girls on a rare day out. They love to scratch around the compost heap and pick out bugs.

A cheery 'Oriental' Poppy pokes itself out amidst the Catmint!

And I'm not sure how this happened, but there is a bird feather in the Poppy itself!

We have this Nightshade which has naturalized along the back fence. It has pretty flowers and red berries which the chickens love to eat. All parts of the plant are poisonous and birds are the only critters which can safely digest the berries.

Rhubarb is winding down for the season.

Green Onion seed pod. We eat a lot of Green Onions throughout the years, so we always save seeds. You can even start new plants from the leftover roots from purchased plants, and they will cycle through one or two more stalks!

I will be picking this Cauliflower before it heats up too much and makes the head bitter. I'll be pickling it!

The three main beds are taking off.

We have a jungle of peas...

Fava (Broad) beans...

And Beets!

Potatoes are also blooming.

I couldn't resist posting another shot of my 'Lettuce Leaf' Poppy.

Here is a purple one about to bloom.

We also have Johnny Jump-Ups/Heartsease naturalizing in one of our flower beds.

Wee Apples are growing on our Espalier tree.

Biscuit is hiding behind our cute lime tree.

Francine looks lovely among the Spanish Lavender. Isn't she just the sweetest?

I remember this particular Foxglove being much taller last year. I think we had way more sun to make it happy.

Here is a Variegated Catmint that is flowering. The cats don't seem to like this one very much, so I use the leaves for tea.

I'm in love with how our herb garden looks! A lot of things are flowering now, like this Hyssop.

My newly planted garden in front of the fence looks happy.

And I love my Black Hollyhocks.

The Sage is huuuuuge!

Cheery Chamomile has naturalized like the Borage. I don't mind these visitors at all and let them roam freely throughout the yard.

Peppermint and Lavender make natural bedfellows.

Here is a Curry plant.

A lovely red Lily blooming in the strawberry bed.

And 'Black Magic' Roses.

The center bed is still exploding! Notice all my pansies.

I am still harvesting Spinach and Kale from these beds! Sorry so blurry.

I love these Dutch Iris which seem to all flower at once!

And my late-June trio; Foxglove, Roses and Delphinium are still going strong!

My much beloved Sweet Peas have finally made their entrance in the little window boxes.

This Carrot is already flowering.

And here is one day's worth of Peas collected!

Beet greens are beautiful...

Penelope approves!

Happy Summer!


Melissa said...

This is amazing. I love your garden and your three main beds are so creative with the trellis you've built too. You must have so much fun with everything you've got going on in your yard! I appreciated the info on the Nasturtiums too. I didn't know that about the capers! Thanks! And happy summer to you too :)

Sheila said...

Everything looks wonderful and those peas look tasty!

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Have only just discovered your blog on Blotanical - looks like I'll be following and messaging you there;-) as I visit most days.
Love PDX, such a great city.
Rather cool season so far in the Bay Area, but our tomatoes etc at our allotment garden seem to be doing well. At 'Alice's Garden' all is ornamental. Cheers!
Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I just love when you share pictures of your beautiful garden. It looks just amazing, so full and happy. I'm in awe of that big broccoli! Mine are just tiny little guys.

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