Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ah, dear friends-

I'm experimenting with the format of this blog, so please bear with me while I attempt to beautify the overall appearance. It may look ugly and out-of-sorts, but eventually I will get it up and running to satisfaction.

The weather has been fairly uncooperative as of late, so our newer raised garden beds are still without dirt. We have numerous seedlings ready to be planted in these plots, but we must be content for a week longer until our dirt delivery arrives.

The patient plants in waiting:

Brussel Sprouts
Globe Artichoke
Collard Greens

We also have Dahlias, Salvia and a Peony to plant!

As far as flowers blooming, we have a very small amount of tulips showing their faces, and the Pansies we received back in February are still going strong!

Yes, I would have never dreamt of being enthralled about spending $100 on dirt in my former life, but that was before I had become fully immersed into the ways of gardening.

Until next time,

tiny green cottager


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