Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Flock, the Lot, and the Fate of the 'Hood

The beginnings of our Victory Garden and little flock of hens was in stark contrast to the demolition going on next door. I had high hopes that the land would be converted into a community garden, so imagine my disappointment when I discovered not one, but two skinnies (or row-houses as they are often called) were to be built on the lot.

I hoped that the property owner would see all the effort we had taken to make our yard and neighborhood a nice place before he considered building these skinnies. As luck (?) would have it, the economy took an even worse nose-dive and all construction was called off. As of today (April 11, 2009) construction has yet to take place next door, and I hope it never begins.

Meanwhile, our little flock was growing, and the original three enjoyed their first Big Day Out.

Penelope was (and still is) the trouble-maker. But this gives her character!

People are always surprised to see how well our cats and chickens get along!


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