Saturday, April 11, 2009

Change is in the Air

That Spring, I remember being awakened on a regular basis to the sounds of a bulldozer smashing the foundation to the lot next door. The lot was the former site of a double-wide trailer which has been foreclosed. Once the owner discovered the home was in foreclosure, he proceeded to drive to the nearest bar, get extremely drunk and drive his car repeatedly into the corner of the house. As you may have guessed, the home was beyond repair and extremely damaged. This was in 2006. And the home sat on the lot like that for two years before the city did anything. This is why I suppose certain people call our neighbourhood 'The Flats'.

Anyway, when I woke up and saw the bulldozer going to work, I was thrilled! Goodbye, ugly lot, goodbye concrete foundation! Change is in the air!

Or so I thought.


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