Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest Additions Round 2

In late April of 2008, we decided to buy two more chicks from Growing Gardens. I picked out a Barred Cochin, and my Husband selected an Ameraucana (or Easter Egger). We mailed away our livestock permit to the city and enjoyed watching the growing process all over again. The new additions to our little flock were named Drucilla (Ameraucana) and Gwendolyn (Barred Cochin).

Gwen and Dru were purchased at one day of age and were so tiny the both of them fit in the palm of my hand.

Once I got them home, I discovered Gwendolyn had become 'pasted up' which is a common malady experienced by a lot of chicks. Pasting is caused by dehydration and the stress involved with shipping. Fortunately, Gwendolyn recovered, but it was a lot of work making sure she was drinking water and eating regularly.


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