Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Lot-Continued

Imagine for a moment the pleasure I derive from living next door to such an enchanting plot of land.
It has stood like this for over a year, but somehow more and more garbage keeps piling up. I finally filed a complaint with the city about the illegal dumping and the weeds. Will they actually do something? I wish I could purchase the land and put it to real use.


Anonymous said...

That's a guerrilla gardening opportunity!

Drop some seed bombs, or just start tilling and farming that sucker for all your veggie needs.

Don't have the time for all that work? Drop a note on craigslist for the guerrilla gardeners about a prime opportunity. Then sit back and watch the plants and hippe drum cicles appear next door.

On second thought, maybe not...

Urban Cottager said...

We've 'helped along' some volunteer seedlings so far. I keep hoping for enough sun and rain to make something happen!

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