Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Updates: New Raised Beds with Built-In Compost Heap

Oh dear readers, I apologize for the lack of updates this past week, but we at the tiny green cottage have been quite busy preparing for the Spring.

My Husband has recently completed two additional raised beds for our vegetable gardens. These beds face the South side of the home and completely disguise the hideous amount of work the yard would have needed had we decided to leave things as is. As dedicated readers may already know, the backyard of the tiny green cottage was formerly the site of unregulated Pit Bull breeding seven years ago, an unfortunate and ugly truth.

The presence of the Pit Bulls (numbering as high as 19 according to some neighbourly authorities), left the yard and lawn a mess; replete with pits and bumps and soft spots and a buried dog chain or two.

Yes, we aspire to be as far removed from this aspect of our home's history as possible, so we decided the additional beds would be the best approach to combating this gardening hurdle. The beds featured are longer than our first three, which are perfect for some of our crops. It also features a built-in compost bin with holes drilled into the boards for aeration.

If that wasn't dandy enough, the beds also function as a rather diplomatic solution to our problem soil in that part of the yard; one part sand, one part pea gravel. Not exactly an ideal growing medium.

Anyway, enough jabbering! The picture below are organised in a stage-by-stage basis, including beginning and ending with a very happy Cottager!


Medieval Muse said...

Love the American Gothic Martini pose:)

I've just found your blog and look forward to reading about your gardening.

Urban Cottager said...

Oh, wonderful! Thanks for finding us! I've been enjoying your blog also, what a wonderful selection of imagery. :)

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