Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As many Gardeners know, December isn't good for much more than reading gardening catalogues, drinking tea and planning next year's garden. This year, I decided to get a head start and visit Portland Nursery to see what they had for their seed selection, despite the amount of seeds we collected from this year's harvest, there is still more I need!

I was pleased to see Portland Nursery had a display of Botanical Interests seeds, which are generally inexpensive and heirloom quality. We went home with the following (and this is as much for my own reference as for touting the variety available through Botanical Interests):

PS. I also noticed Botanical Interests sells a Cottage Garden Seed Collection proper, so this may save you some guesswork.

For the Front Yard:

*Fairy Meadow Mix Seed

*Hummingbird Haven Seed Mix

*Morning Glory Something Old and Something New

*Bachelor Button Black Magic

*Hollyhock Indian Spring Mix

*Hollyhock The Watchman

*Love-In-A-Mist Miss Jekyll Blend

*Pansy Got the Blues Seed Mix

For the Backyard/Potager

*Nasturtium Jewel Blend

*Sweet Pea Knee High Blend

*Sweet Pea Singing the Blues

*Bean Bush Trio Seed

*Beet Gourmet Blend Organic Mix

*Cucumber Homemade Pickles

*Radish French Breakfast

*Spinach Levewa Seed

That is all for now.


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