Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Colour

Hi everyone,

I'm just testing out my new camera and wanted to share these few photos I had taken of the garden after returning from a symposium in Salem, Mass. I'm loving all of the sunflowers! More pictures shall be taken soon. We are finally getting some ripe tomatoes!

I am forgetting which variety of Clematis this is. Does anyone know?
Monkshood/Aconite has pretty blooms.
Bleeding Hearts in....September???
Giant Garden Spiders Take Over the World!
'Mr. Lincoln' Rose
Bees love my 'Velvet Queen' Sunflowers. I've seen bees so laden with pollen from these blooms they have a hard time buzzing away!


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

New cameras are so much fun! I love your velvet queen sunflower, we have some blooming at the moment too, with pollen-covered bees rolling around on them. I can't believe you have blooming bleeding September! I'd blame the weather, it's been strange all up and down the Pacific coast this year.

Ginny said...

Love that photo of the cosmos!

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