Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day in the Garden

Spent the afternoon in the garden yesterday, taking pictures with the new camera I received for my birthday. It is a Canon PowerShot A3100 and am I ever smitten! It takes really lovely photographs and handles very well. Here are some nice shots of the Potager and Flower Gardens and how it stands as of this week. I am thankful for all of the sunshine and nice weather we've been having which is finally ripening our tomatoes!

Francine and Valentina enjoy the sun.
Volunteer Cherry Tomatoes are candy on the vine!

Francine enjoys them too!
These garden spiders are everywhere in the yard.
'Yellow Pear' Tomatoes shine in the sun.
'Blue Azure' Sweet Pea pods.
'Willamette' Tomatoes have a good flavour.

The Zucchini haul has been disappointing for this year. Not enough sun perhaps?
Rainbow Chard provides a beautiful accent.

Pickling Cucumbers
Shelling Beans. This variety is 'Rattlesnake'.
French Filet Beans.
More Cucumbers!
These are English 'Telegraph' Cucumbers
More beans

Beet Greens
'Musselburgh' Leeks
'Mr. Stripey' Tomatoes

Purple Peppers!

'Italian Roaster' Peppers. One of our favourite varieties.
'Jeanette' Passion Flower keeps blooming
We are finally getting Pumpkins. This one is a Rouge Vif-D'Etampes
'Hubbard' Squash
Yesterday's Tomato harvest
Golden Bell Pepper
Pablano fav!
Tiny Watermelon.
Sweet Peas

Sunflowers Shining in the sun

Garlic Chive Blossoms
Pansies planted in February are still going strong
California Poppy
Volunteer Heartsease
Bearded Tongue
Clematis Bloom
Siouxsie explores

Maize Leaf
Volunteer Squash growing in the compost
Squash Bloom
We have corn!
Chard Leaf
Serrano Peppers

Woodland Violet
Cosmos last!
More Sunflowers


Siouxsie stretches...
Spearmint Blooms
Sassy beast!


Mikhail said...

Yay for photos! I have a Cannon Powershot SD600 and I love the thing - I have had it for years and it still takes beautiful pictures.

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Is that Valentina in the shade? Another chicken, yes?
Love the elegant choice of names...
and do, please, send some of that chard my way!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Your photos look beautiful, the camera is doing a wonderful job! The rainbow chard photos look like works of art. The chickens of course are gorgeous. Francine looks so lovely, and I see she has the same taste for cherry tomatoes that our hens do!

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