Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Early October

Lots of new images of the food and flowers we've been finding in the garden. I hope you enjoy!

Lots of pink flowers this year.
I'm so proud of our Pumpkins.

Clary Sage
Some lovely Basil
Serrano Peppers
Poblanos turn red if you allow them
Sunday Pepper harvest.
My cabbages haven't been very successful this year.

This is a volunteer Pumpkin in the compost!
Fennel blossoms.
Nightshade Berries
Pretty Chard
Fennel wisps
Tenacious tomato suckers!
Pumpkin leaves

Unripe tomatoes
Basket o' Plenty!
Tiniest pepper ever.
Heirloom 'maters!
Gwen, the Cochin
More basket of plenty!

Cut flower bouquet
Our espalier apple tree has found a new home for the Winter.
Potato harvest from two bags..
Some are teeny tiny..
Some are purple inside!
Love these purple peppers
and these Chioggia beets
We've made a lovely dish of roasted vegetables...100% from the garden
Braided strands of garlic and onions..
I love my pantry!


Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

I love Clary sage... but wonder, does yours grow huge?
On and off I've grown it, and at times it towers and lasts from one year to the next. Another time, I'll plant it but not much will happen.
Conditions must be right for it to take off, I dare say!
((aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz)))

Urban Cottager said...

This is the first year that we have grown it, and you are right about it getting huge! We've cut it back several times, but it is similar in its tenacity to the Borage!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness--such great photos!!! I especially love the basket for your pantry and the flowers you picked! Awesome! Your little pumpkins are so cute too!!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Gorgeous Poblanos! We finally harvested our JalapeƱos this last weekend, and were surprised, despite our cool weather, that some actually were a little spicy. Your pumpkins look great. We have a fair few green tomatoes left too. Are those Yellow Pears? Do you pickle your green tomatoes, or soup them? Your blue potato looks just like our "All Blue" variety we grew earlier this year, they're so pretty. We often make trays of roasted veggies like yours, a splash of olive oil, and balsamic I'm hungry! By the way, Gwen is just adorable!

Lisa Blair said...

OH MY! Your vegetable harvest is amazing! Everything looks so good!

Urban Cottager said...

@Melissa-Thank you so much for the compliments. I am really amazed at how many flowers we are getting this Fall!

@Curbstone Valley-Thanks so much! I love those Poblano peppers, they are among my very favorite to grow and eat. We usually broil them for several minutes and combine them with a fried egg and some white cheddar cheese, and nice, toasted bread (maybe a brioche bun if we are feeling fancy) and eat them for breakfast sandwiches! Mmm! They are absolutely delicious.

Yep, those are little Yellow Pear tomatoes. At first I wasn't so sure what to do with all of them, but then I made a spaghetti sauce with those and a few of our ripe Willamette's and the sauce had a very nice, chunky consistency. We usually let them ripen a little bit inside of the house (frost is on its way), or I'll make a green tomato cake! I'm trying to do more cooking posts on the blogs where I demonstrate how to use many of the ingredients we grow.

@Lisa-Thanks a bunch! I'm very excited about the harvest, even though I felt like we were cheated out of a summer!

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