Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Visit to the Seaside

We visited Seaside, Oregon last week and took some photos of a beautiful garden belonging to two of our friends. They live in a converted school house built in the 1900's surrounded by rabbits, acreage, and flowers!   Near their house is a beautiful park and a creek. The weather was more than accommodating that day, and gave us one last glimpse of beautiful, October sun.

Wild bunnies roam free near the house.

Our friends have a lovely fenced garden to keep out the native wildlife!

I was very impressed by Linda's hand-fashioned bean tepee. This is very cottage!  I want to create something similar.

Their Poultry roam with the rabbits

A nice view of the garden and the barn. Linda said her beans and cucumbers did best this past year. Hardly anyone has had much luck with squash and tomatoes.
Some native Oregon wildlife..
This stream runs on the west side of the property and was very full from the rain the night before. I had fun wandering past it, imagining what sort of plants I would grow along the banks had it belonged to me.

These chickens are living the life!
We decided to go for a walk in the park.

I loved these old trees which were dripping with moss.

Banana Slug!

Cute bridge across a stream

We later wandered back to Mike and Linda's house and ate some of these gorgeous apples for breakfast!

These lovely roses grow near the apple trees

This bunny was very bold. He was not afraid to get close for a photo!

And these little babies were just the sweetest.

I want bunnies!

I later found this Red-Belly Newt in a stream. He was like a little dragon!


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Yay! Banana Slugs! I have a fondness for them (I know that sounds strange as a gardener, but they're beneficial to redwood forests).

The chickens do look like they're living the high life!

I must admit, I love that bean teepee. So much more efficient than a classic three-pole teepee, especially if you're not growing anything below it. It looks like the beans have used the whole space really well.

I'm curious as to which species of newt that was. We have 'Taricha torosa torosa' here. I'm guessing that one is Taricha rivularis? I love them though. We see hoards of newts heading for the creeks here during the spring rains.

What a fun trip...and so many bunnies!

Jenni said...

I love the pictures of the slugs! Perfect NW Oregon!! Cheers ~

John Gray said...

I have never seen wild rabbits with so many colours
are they feral?

Bluebell Woods said...

I assume that the rabbits are pets? (or heaven forbid dinner) How do you keep them in the garden? I am thinking of getting rabbits for my grandson in a year or two and last time we had rabbits they lived in the house and on the deck. (litter box trained.) I am wondering if they would be safe in the garden.

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